重磅!2021年 IB 官方 DP 大考迎来重大调整! Dear Head of School/Coordinator,

As the global impact of COVID-19 on humanity continues, first and foremost, we hope that you and your community are safe and well.

COVID-19 has, and will continue to have, a significant disruptive impact on teaching, learning and assessment for our students. Whilst some communities are seeing somewhat of a return to the new normal, others are dealing with incredibly difficult circumstances. As of 25 July 2020, UNESCO estimates 1.6 billion students globally face national or local school or university closures.




May 2020 DP/CP session

In the just completed May 2020 session, many schools were satisfied with their results. For those who had concerns that their students were not awarded fairly, we have created a free review service. This service is in progress and we are committed to addressing all the cases under the principles communicated previously.


Further, to prepare you for May 2021, we published guidance on how to complete internal and other non-examination/coursework assessment components for the DP and CP May 2021 session.

In these communications, we made a commitment to offer further support ahead of the May 2021 session that accounts for both prior and emerging disruptions due to COVID-19. Below you will see what those are.






Updates for 2020-21:

Learning, teaching and assessment

In response to requests from our community to mitigate the loss of instructional time and logistical challenges, we have made three decisions to help IB schools plan for a manageable, practical and achievable teaching and learning experience in the new school year.

1. Postpone the introduction of revised subject guides for first teaching in 2021-22. We will delay the launch of the revised Literature & Performance, Classical Languages, and Theatre guides from 2021-22 to 2022-23, and Computer Science from 2021-22 to 2023-24. We hope this removes the challenge of preparing and providing resources for revised courses. More details about subject guide releases can be found in the upcoming September Coordinators’ Note.

2. Adapt the requirements for Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS). During these unusual times of social distancing and lockdowns, we understand that completing CAS may be difficult for many students. We will still require schools to indicate a student has completed this requirement, but we will be flexible in how this looks for your students. We have every confidence that you will guide your students in making their best endeavours to meet CAS requirements with modifications so as not to compromise their health and safety.

3. Adapt the May 2021 session. We introduced a range of targeted removal and/or amendment of assessment components or submission requirements to address the loss of instruction time while ensuring the following objectives are met for all students enrolled in DP and CP subjects:

  • Rich, authentic and integrated curriculum

  • Varied, valid and reliable assessment components to evidence student learning

  • Student outcomes to be continuous and comparable with prior sessions

  • Timely reporting of results aligned to national and international recognition standards

These adaptations aim to empower teachers to address each subject's aims and objectives with flexibility and fairness in preparation for the May 2021 session.



1. 推迟2021-2022年首次教学的修订科目指南的引入。 我们将把修订后的文学与表演、古典语言和戏剧指南的推出时间从2021-2022年推迟到2022-2023年,把计算机科学的推出时间从2021-2022年推迟到2023-2024年。我们希望这能减少为修订课程准备和提供资源的挑战。关于学科指南发布的更多细节,可以在即将发布的9月协调员说明中找到。


2. CAS要求的调整。 在这个社区隔离和封锁的非常时期,我们理解完成CAS对许多学生来说可能是困难的。我们仍然会要求学校表明学生已经完成了这一要求,但我们会灵活地处理这对学生的影响。我们坚信,在不影响他们的健康和安全的情况下,您将指导您的学生,尽最大努力满足CAS的要求,并进行修改。

3. 调整2021年5月的大考。 我们引入了一系列有针对性的删除和/或修正评估部分或提交要求,以解决教学时间的损失,同时确保所有就读DP和CP科目的学生都能达到以下目标。

  • 丰富、真实和综合的课程

  • 多样的、有效的、可靠的评估内容,以证明学生的学习情况。

  • 学生的成果将是持续的,并可与前几年课程相比较。

  • 及时报告符合国家和国际认可标准的结果。


Subject by subject adaptation details

You can find specific adaptations by subject here.


As educators who understand the Diploma programme well, you will no doubt see why we are unable to apply a uniform adjustment appproach to all subjects and still maintain validity and reliability of our assessments. Each subject is designed to most meaningfully assess the learning aims particular to that subject, and has been designed by educators such as yourselves. Therefore, we have taken a detailed subject-by-subject approach to assure assessment objective coverage while maintaining breadth and depth of the programme as a whole.

As in normal practice, where necessary, examination mitigations used during marking, standardizing and awarding to promote fairness will continue to apply in the May 2021 session.



重磅!2021年 IB 官方 DP 大考迎来重大调整!




A note on the status of these adaptations with our regulator

As you are aware, the IB has to meet many regulatory requirements across the globe. We have provided Ofqual, the qualifications regulator in England, with information of the May 2021 session. However, Ofqual are currently consulting on proposed regulations that would apply to the IB for May 2021. Nonetheless, we have chosen to communicate with our worldwide schools now. This is because we understand that knowing the May 2021 session adaptions at the earliest possible is important for you to plan for learning and teaching this coming school year. Ofqual’s regulations may impact schools located in England and we intend to stay in touch as we learn more.



Support for the adaptations

In the coming months, additional support and guidance will be provided to schools that include:

• FAQs: FAQs addressing details of COVID related adaptations

• Enhanced Support: Additional learning and teaching support on a subject by subject basis

• Assessment Preparation: Pre-session reminders to help schools successfully deliver, implement and submit assessment materials



  • 常见问题。关于与COVID相关的调整细节的常见问题解答。

  • 加强支持。按科目提供额外的学习和教学支持。

  • 评估准备。会前提醒,帮助学校成功交付、实施和提交评估材料。

Please keep us updated

Please use the school opening update form, available on the top bar of MySchool, to keep us informed about the open or closed status of your school. This form should be updated each time your school situation changes to ensure we have the latest information. In addition, to ensure you and your school administrators receive the latest updates regarding IB programmes and assessment, we request that you ensure your school faculty contact details are up to date and accurate in MySchool.

We will continue to communicate with you around the May 2021 session. If you need any further support, please contact support@ibo.org or your IBWS manager.

Once again, we want to thank you for everything you are doing to support our students, each other and your wider community and we look forward to remaining in touch.

Keep Well,

Siva Kumari

Director General


请使用 "我的学校 "顶部栏上的 "学校开课更新表",让我们知道贵校的开课或停课情况。每次你的学校情况发生变化时,你都应该更新此表,以确保我们掌握最新的信息。此外,为了确保你和你的学校行政人员收到有关国际文凭课程和评估的最新信息,我们要求你确保你的学校教员的联系信息在MySchool中是最新和准确的。

我们将在2021年5月大考前后继续与你们沟通。如果你需要任何进一步的支持,请联系 support@ibo.org 或你的IBWS经理。



Siva Kumari

总监 重磅!2021年 IB 官方 DP 大考迎来重大调整!